Workplace Investigations

Employers are commonly faced with complaints of discrimination, harassment or retaliation. Workplace complaints require immediate, professional and experienced responses in order to avoid costly litigation, escalation of behaviors, low morale, financial losses and other negative impacts to your organization. An unbiased investigation will help you limit loss and exposure, while not overburdening internal resources. Failure to conduct a prompt, thorough and unbiased investigation in certain circumstances can lead to liability.

Public sector investigations can be especially challenging if your investigator is unfamiliar with the laws that protect public employees. Having spent many years representing public agencies, Kathy has knowledge and experience in conducting public sector investigations, including those involving employees protected by the Firefighter Bill of Rights (FBOR) and Public Safety Officers Bill of Rights (POBR).

Impartiality is vital to a workplace investigation. The purpose of the investigation is to determine the facts, which enables the employer to appropriately respond. The use of an outside investigator also spares many employees the discomfort of discussing difficult matters with people who work with them on a regular basis, thus giving them the freedom to be candid and provide necessary information to the investigator.